srnalogoAnesthesia Associates provides student CRNAs with an opportunity to participate in the daily operation of a private practice anesthesiology group in a rural community. This experience is invaluable to the university based graduate programs with which we partner. Rotations of 60-90 days to provide the student with maximum opportunity to experience the full spectrum of cases offered.

Oversight and Supervision: Students are supervised and guided by board-certified physician anesthesiologists as well as board-certified CRNAs, the majority of which possess earned graduate degrees. The CRNA liaison with the academic program possesses both masters and doctoral degrees.

Anesthesia Associates feels CRNA program affiliation offers students a host of benefits, which include the following:

  • An excellent opportunity to participate in an experienced private practice anesthesiology group.
  • The ability to experience the obvious and subtle differences between metropolitan and rural practice settings. This is particularly critical given the shortage of anesthesia providers in the rural setting.
  • Exposure of hard-to-come-by obstetrical and pediatric experiences.
  • Extensive experience with numerous forms of regional anesthesia and postoperative peripheral nerve blocks with practitioner’s skills with its use.
  • The ability to evaluate the quality of life associated with a community hospital and analyze if rural practice is a viable option for future employment.
  • Participate in clinical experiences that may not be available in a tertiary setting.

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